Our Top Board Game Recommendations for Fall

Whilst we are in the midst of producing Muskoka: The Board Game following a successful Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to offer some board game suggestions in keeping with our game’s theme of nature and wildlife (alongside camping and cottaging). Here are our top 5 fall gaming recommendations:


Player Count: 1-5

Time: 40-70 mins

Age: 10+

Based on 45 US National Parks, players hike through a wide variety of scenic trails to collect resources and take in the sites. New seasons change the trail with unique new opportunities and challenges every time you play. Tiles represent the trails and get shuffled in between each season, then laid afresh each round. Throughout your journey, you’ll see mountains, forests, sunshine, water, and wildlife. Use these tokens to fill canteens, purchase gear, take photos, and visit parks. However, resources can be tricky to acquire as you jostle with other players for space at each site. Campfires enable players to share space and time with fellow hikers. Easy to learn and fun to play, we find it works best with 2 players, although you can play with up to 5 and there is an option of solo mode. Produced by Keymaster Games, who also created “Trails”, another nature themed game well worth checking out. 


Player Count: 1-5 players

Time: 40-70 mins

Age: 10+

In Muskoka: The Board Game we have the iconic Loon, in “Wingspan” there are over 170 uniquely and beautifully illustrated bird cards. An absolute must for bird lovers and bird watchers, players are bird enthusiasts who want to seek to discover birds and attract the best species to their wildlife preserve. Create an ideal habitat by offering them food and shelter so they’ll move in to nest and lay eggs. In addition to tokens for food, colorful mini eggs and beautiful bird cards, this award-winner uses imaginative and strategic gameplay that effectively  intertwines the theme into the rules. Produced by Stonemaier Games, who have top selling titles like “Viticulture” and “Scythe”, Jamey Stegmaier also has been a tremendous resource with his own blogs about board game creation and the gaming community.


Player Count: 1-4 players

Time: 40-80 mins

Age: 13+

Another worker placement title with stunning artwork, “Everdell” is a card-based strategy game that the whole family will love with a fun fantasy twist. Many years have gone by in the peaceful lands of Everdell. With cities seeking to expand, the time has come for new areas to be developed and territories gained. In the deep forest, animals are planning their busiest year yet. Players are tasked with sending their animal workers throughout the forest to gather resources like twigs and berries to construct buildings and attract critters to their woodland city with the goal of building the most prosperous city. Taking place over three seasons, players will get a feel for the game by the third round and want to experiment with new strategies over multiple games. With adorable critters and creative Ever Tree gameboard, this creation by Starling Games is a magical adventure waiting to be explored.

Creature Comforts

Player Count: 1-5 players

Time: 45 mins

Age: 8+

The wonderfully named Maple Valley is filled with forest creatures who are preparing for the winter. The thought of spending many months tucked into a burrow means it’s never too early to start preparing, which is exactly what you’ll do by gathering and harvesting to fill your den with happiness making it as cozy as possible. A comfy rocking chair, bowl of warm soup and lots of indoor activities to pass those dark winter days - you will send out creature family members to gather supplies to last through the snow. With customized meeples and vibrant art, this game looks spectacular on the table. Produced by KTBG (Kids Table Board Gaming), who are fellow Canaidans having roots in Toronto, we highly recommend this game and also check out the upcoming stand alone sequel “Maple Valley” coming soon to Kickstarter.


Player Count: 1-4 players

Time: 30-45 mins

Age: 10+

Journey the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest in this puzzly tile-laying and token-drafting game. Players compete to create the most harmonious ecosystem in “Cascadia”. You’ll work to achieve wildlife goals and protect their habitat along the way. With variable scoring goals, each game brings a new spatial puzzle to the table, making each playthrough unique and different. Simple to set up and quick turns keep the game moving. Brought to you by Flatout Games and AEG, who have partnered in the past with the same manufacturer we are using to produce Muskoka: The Board Game, it contains quality components and once again beautiful artwork of nature.

Honorable mentions: Photosynthesis, Root, Trekking the National Parks, Honey Buzz and the recently funded Kickstarter Nut Hunt.

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