About Us

During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, two couples decided to embark on a project that combined their passions of friends, family and games. Having all met and spent much of their lives in Muskoka, they decided to utilize their skillsets to create and design a board game specifically for that community.

Meet The Team:

Darrin Henein is the creative director at Canazee Games,  responsible for all of the artwork and visual design of our game. Born in Toronto, and after completing a Bachelor of Life Sciences from University of Toronto, Darrin has been working as a design professional for almost 20 years, from software startups to his current role as a Director of Design at Shopify. 

Trent Hansen is the lead game designer at Canazee Games, responsible for game creation along with operations. Originally from New Zealand, Trent moved to Canada in 2009 after completing a Bachelor of Business Studies and is currently an Air Traffic Controller at Toronto Pearson Airport. 

Alicia Henein is a part of our Sales & Marketing Team at Canazee Games, responsible for social media and customer care. Alicia is an early childhood educator and currently stay-at-home mom living in Aurora, with her husband Darrin and their two kids. 

Brenna-Lynn Hansen is also a part of our Sales & Marketing Team at Canazee Games. Brenna-Lynn is a registered nurse working in labor & delivery, teaches prenatal classes, along with caring for her four boys aged 7 and under with husband Trent. 

The goal with Muskoka: The Board Game was to produce a fun experience that was multi-generational, would promote play free from technology and provide the true essence of experiencing Muskoka. Essentially, it is to be a board game about the cottage, for the cottage, as well as for its 60,000 year-round residents.