Social Responsibility


Situated on Lake Rosseau, Muskoka Woods is the place where we all met and had positive life-changing experiences. We recognize the importance of summer camp for kids to try new things, discover skills they didn't even know they had and make lifelong friends. We are all so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend and work at summer camps.

Our hope is the same opportunity be afforded to others. Through generous donors, the Muskoka Woods Youth Foundation enables meaningful partnerships, educational opportunities, bursaries and unforgettable summer camp experiences for young people with financial or special needs. The foundation provides funding for initiatives aimed at helping youth from all walks of life build confidence, achieve their goals and realize their potential.

The team at Canazee Games, being alumni of Muskoka Woods, continue to advocate and support the initiatives of the foundation to make camp accessible to all. We endeavor to do this by raising awareness for the foundation and continuing to be personal donors, whilst encouraging others to also consider changing lives by giving the gift of camp.



A core group of donors based in Muskoka, predominately in Parry Sound and Bracebridge, have supported a children's home for orphans in Western Kenya called Shangilia (which means 'rejoice' in Swahili) since 2000. The home provides food, shelter and clothing to over 60 children, along with education as a step towards independence and self-sufficiency, and ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty.

To ensure these children lead full and successful lives after leaving the home, a new project called Fanikiwa (which means 'to be successful' in Swahili) is being developed. This project helps to get graduates of the children’s home set up to live a full and prosperous life through mentorship, entrepreneurial training, post-secondary education, and financial guidance.

In order to highlight cultural and economic understanding, program champion Dave Boyes has created a board game modelled off The Game of Life adapted to Kenyan culture. As volunteers and champions of Shangilia Children's Home, members of the team at Canazee Games intend to use industry knowledge and understanding to aid in the development, completion and circulation of this useful teaching product.